Monday, June 25, 2012

Stars and stripes forever!

In preparation for the upcoming 4th of July holiday, I have been painting lots of stars and stripes for what has felt like FOREVER! But, I can't complain.....I'm proud to be an American and I love, love, love Independence Day and all that comes with it.....the neighborhood parades, corn on the cob, American flags on every corner, strawberry daiquiris, red checked tablecloths, and of course, the fireworks! My mom and I used to like to rank the fireworks we saw as we sat in the harbor of my hometown every 4th of July. Some deserved an "ooh", some deserved an "aahh", and some left us in silence and utter awe. This 4th of July holiday, let us remember what we should really be in awe of......our FREEDOM!
Patriotic sailboat burlap door hanger - $35 (wording can be customized)
Red, white and blue "USA" star - $35 (wording can be customized)
God bless America!

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