Friday, August 12, 2011

Très chic, oui?

Most people hear my accent and take me for a Mississippi gal, but truth be told, I'm a little Cajun girl at heart. I was born in Lafayette, Louisiana and while I only lived there for 8 years, that was enough to instill in me a love for all things Acadian.....crawfish, spanish moss, Hays Town architecture, and of course, the fleur de lis. Not only is it a symbol of style and sophistication, but the logo for one of the most beloved football teams....the comeback kings...the Saints! The below fleur de lis burlap door hanger says "Bienvenue" or "Welcome" in French, but it can be customized with any name or phrase ("Who Dat", "Go Saints", etc). I also bought some nifty gold paint today and will try that out as the background on the next run.
Fleur de lis burlap door hanger - $35 (
Au revoir, ma chere!

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