Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A little bit corny

Call me crazy, but I LOVE candy corn! I mean it. I'm what you would call obsessed. The only candy I like more than candy corn is mellowcreme pumpkins and since they are essentially the same thing, I'd say it's definitely my favorite candy. I knew the candy corn craze gene had been passed on to my oldest child, Gray, when his teacher told me he had been put in time-out several times for swiping the whole bowl at his school's Halloween party. And this was when he wasn't even a year old! Now he's in full addict mode and I use them as bribes. But I'm already stressed about what to do when they are gone from the shelves.

So, when the time came for me to make a Halloween burlap door hanger, I asked around for what people wanted to see. When Gray suggested a candy corn, I knew it had to be! So, here it is! Hope you enjoy it!
 This can be made with the above wording, with a family's name, "Happy Halloween", "It's All About the Candy", or any other wording of your choice. You can even opt to leave it plain if you like. Either way, I'd say it's pretty sweet, right?

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